Sunday, April 09, 2006

Ford GT

I shot this Ford GT at an outdoor car show in "Mayretta" shortly after obtaining my first DSLR. I always wanted a Canon. Now, I have one. A EOS Rebel with the factory packaged 18-55. Of course I got it through eBay. Did you even need to ask?

I downloaded the Free Beta version of Adobe's Lightroom last week and cranked up the blues to bring out the shadows. I then used the "Smooth" slider to lessen the appearance of the rain drops. It's a little dark but this is one of my favorite images. Let me know what you think of the photo.

I have thoughts of turning this one into a large painting. Should I put it on canvas? Maybe a water color? Probably acrylic...if it isn't all dried up. I haven't done a painting since 1992. I'm a little afraid to attempt it again. I've been away from painting more years than I did it. I look at this and I see it as a painting. Maybe I'll do it next week.

Same shot, different venue:

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