Friday, June 23, 2006

Are we there yet?

We headed north east out of Boston into New Hampshire. We'd only been moving a few moments before we heard snores form the back seat.

New Hampshire has 18 miles of coastline. We saw most of them in the rain. While the kids slept we stopped in Hampton Beach. Bec and I took turns getting out and walking along the shore to see a sand sculpture contest.

It was about 5pm Friday. I'd had about 10 hours sleep since I got up Wednesday morning and we had a few hundred miles to go. I got Bec a coffee and a DP for me. That helped; but the chocolate covered coffee beans are what really did the trick. I drink my coffee pretty strong these days. Bec doesn't. She thought the beans were pretty nasty (as did the kids). I found a new snack food to add to my list of favorites. I was wide awake for the rest of the trip to Bar Harbor.

We stopped at the rest area at the NH/ME line. as soon as we pulled in, we saw a deep forest of evergreen and beautiful wild flowers everywhere. Maine is simply georgeous.

We drove on to Portland. The home of L.L. Bean and DeLorme Maps. We didn't go to L.L.B; it was in a little part of town that is pretty but basically a glorified outlet shopping center.

We stopped at DeLorme, the home of the world largest globe. Not sure if it is an omen, but the world was broken. It didn't spin because it had came off its axis.

A little further north we got back off the interstate and headed up the coast, although you don't get to see a lot of it, especially after dark...

We stopped in Belfast,ME for Pizza around 8:45 and were told we'd have to get it to go because they were 8:45 on a corner in the middle of town on FRIDAY NIGHT. Guess that's what it's like in an area where the sunrise is at 4:45am. We got a pizza, drove down to harbor on're gonna laugh but this really is the name... the Passagassawakeag River and ate our pizza. From there it was only a couple of hours to the Belle Isle Motel on Route 3. We quickly crashed in a small, but clean and quaint room. Nothing fancy but exactly what we needed.

Tomorrow, Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park.

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