Saturday, June 24, 2006

Baa Habaah and Acadia

It's spelled Bar Harbor but that's not how they say it..and people make fun of us Southerners.

I got up early and drove in the rain to Acadia National Park. I'm really loving the Sirrus radio that came with the rental. (Hey Bec, Christmas gift idea!) It is an astonishingly beautiful place. Unfortunately, for most of our visit it was shrouded in fog and rain.

I went back to the room and woke the rest of the crew up and we drove around the town of Bar Harbor. There are lots of little mom & pop type lodges with individual cabins to use. The town is nice. It's got a retro but trendy feel. There were very few, if any, chain stores or restaurants there. We ate breakfast at Tapleys. GREAT food. Great prices.

After breakfast we walked around the main streets and the shore and said we'd come back later for shopping in some of the many cool little stores overlooking the park and the bay...but we never did.

From town we drove into the park and up to the summit of

Cadillac Mountain, the highest point on the US eastern seaboard. The fog obsured what I'm sure has to be one of America's best views. I wanted to be up there for the 4:15 AM sunrise but there was no point because of the fog and rain.

I can't begin to describe the beauty of this place. If you haven't been there you should make it a point to go. Mountains, rocks, crashing waves, sandy beaches, tidal pools, fishing, swimming (brrrr!), hiking, deep forests, and a LONG scenic drive around the island. I shot hundreds of photos! We didn't have near enough time to spend here. Allow at least three full days, probably more to explore one of Americas (the worlds!) most beautiful spots.

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