Saturday, June 24, 2006

Acadia National Park

Some more shots of Acadia National Park...

Near the entrance overlooking the town of Bar Harbor

Another shot on top of Cadillac Mountain. This is located on Mt. Desert Island. A lot of sand and rock atop the highest point along the east coast.

This is "Thunder Hole" (named after Ethan we think)

The chasm here has somewhat of a tunnel just at the water level. depending on the tide and size of the waves, it sounds like claps of thunder as the waves roll careful, though. The waves can spray quite high. If they're too high the area is closed. The other pic here is just down the road driving on around the shoreline toward the tip of the park.

This is the swimming area. Yeah right. Swimming for the Polar Bear Club. It was extremely cold. I got in about knee deep and it wasn't long before I started to lose feeling in the toes.

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