Sunday, June 25, 2006

Southbound through Maine

Grass & earthen top of Fort Knox with a massive new bridge being built in the distance.


After leaving Bar Harbor we headed south to Bucksport, Maine. Across the Penebscot River is the original Fort Knox. Building on this granite fort began in the late 1830s because of tension between the US and England over the US/Canadian border. At a cost of over $1 million, it was never really completed but was manned during the Civil war and a few times since. It never saw a single battle and was sold to the State of Maine to be used as a park for just over $2K. What a bargain! It's damp, dark and dank but fun to explore. We stayed there about 90 minutes.

A picnic lunch at one of the many inlets along the Maine Coast.

Typical small town main street and bay in Maine.
Next stop, Portland Head...

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